What is Exo-peptides ? And how they work?

First, let’s recognize the cool fact about skin cells: they are natural imitators.

Scientists have long observed that when a skin cell is in a happy state, it will give off happy phytoncides, so that neighboring cells become happy, too.

New scientific knowledge: Understanding the exosome

The exosomes play a key role in intercellular communication, and it has a nanometer size of 30 – 150 nm.

Its outer layer is a phospholipid bilayer, whose structure is the same as that of a cellular membrane, so it can easily fuse with the cell, transferring effective substances into cells.

In addition, under the protection of the phospholipid bilayer, the degradation of effective substances can be postponed, while effective internal substances include functional protein, microRNA, etc.

Protein is the key to the initiation of biological functions, and the synthesis of protein is regulated by genes; one of these regulating substances is microRNA.

Therefore, when good signals carried by exosomes secreted by healthy cells affect surrounding cells, the natural optimization process of the body will be accelerated.

Reference: J Extracell Vesicles. 2018 Mar 1; 7(1):1440131.


Science and technology are learned from nature and applied to life,

like the invention of hook-and-loop fastener inspired by beggar ticks.

Application of core biomimetic technology

EXOCARE creates a way to replicate exosomes that facilitate skin perfection by making use of the principle of skin’s natural operation.

By making use of Exo-peptides, via liposome embedding similar to cellular membrane composition, not only can its optimal activity be effectively maintained, but exclusive Exo-peptides can also rapidly permeate the skin layers through cellular fusion, giving play to the optimal effect of repair.


The aging of skin is mainly caused by free radicals generated due to oxidative stress under the external environment influence,

which results in the loss of collagen and ceramide and the reduction of skin moisture holding capacity. In the long run, the skin loses its elasticity and tension,

resulting in fine lines and wrinkles

The happy cells deliver messages (exosomes) to others.

Development of Exo-peptides by EXOCARE

By exploring the mechanism of skin natural operation, EXOCARE has exclusively developed Exo-peptide, which introduces the signal of skin activation through microliposomes, enhancing the protection ability of skin against environmental damage, further relieving skin stress, restoring skin elasticity, adjusting skin texture, restoring soft and gentle lines, and regaining youth from the inside out.


Water, a natural medium,

is also a force that destroys the activity of peptides

 Introduction of physical preservation technology

Extension of the effectiveness of activity factors

EXOCARE uses special freeze-drying technology to sublimate Exo-peptides into crystals at very low temperature and in a vacuum state to achieve the effects of concentration and extension of storage life. Before its use, the activity of Exo-peptides is reactivated through the re-dissolution of essence specially made for the skin.


The source of happy skin and hair is perfect exosomes. The EXOCARE R&D Team’s application of regenerative medicine technology enables us to dance with the time and tide more freely and gracefully !

Exo-Peptides delivered via liposomes directly into your skin.

For the process of applying the biomimetic principle to delay aging and to keep skin healthy, the EXOCARE R&D Team regards it as a procedure of “guidance”, letting nature dominate and control the design, while driving nature simultaneously.

It does not change the nature and the essence of life, just pulling the strings to optimize their performance; this is the beauty and harmony that all nature applies. Come and experience it for yourself!