About ExoCare

Company History

Established in 2015, U-NEURON BIOMEDICAL INC. specializes in the research and development of cell therapy technology, and carries out research projects in collaboration with many medical and academic institutions, including China Medical University. The main business of the Company at present lies in amniotic fluid stem cell storage and clinical and experiment research and application. In the treatment of stroke with stem cell autologous transplantation, an application has been submitted for the second-phase clinical trial. In the field of amniotic fluid stem cell storage, U-NEURON is the first to start the amniotic fluid stem cell storage business in Taiwan.

Now we have also entered into the R&D field of cosmeceutical products, and developed our own brand, EXOCARE. Through the cell biomimetic technology and our pioneering and specialized regenerative skin care and hair growing products, we are striving to become Asia’s future leading brand in regenerative medicine and the beauty industry.


The vision of U-NEURON BIOMEDICAL is to create new cell therapy technologies, and provide solutions to medical needs to be addressed. Through the development of professional technology, the Company expects to commercialize stem cell technology, create the true value of regenerative medicine, obtain better medical care results, and realize a better life for humankind.

Core Values

With a pioneering spirit, EXOCARE is striving to become Asia’s leading brand in regenerative medicine and the beauty industry.
With dedication to research and development, we give full play to our specialty.
With better results, our products fulfill consumers’ needs.
Through transformation, we help consumers regain vitality and self-confidence.